About Deborah Garland

Welcome. I'm happy you are here!
My life's passion is helping people feel and look vibrantly healthy, happy and eternally radiant. I have spent a lifetime gaining the knowledge and practice to help people make manageable changes to their lives to create vibrant health, vitality and happiness. We all live in a world where external circumstances can seem overwhelming at times. I have learned to navigate life keeping a healthy balance of food, rest and external activity to stay vibrant and radiant along our journey. If I can do it, so can you. You will be surprised at how easy it is to make small adjustments to your daily and seasonal routine, that yield remarkable benefits!

I have studied and practiced Ayurveda for over 20 years in concert with yoga and pranayama. My path in Ayurveda, yoga and wellness has led me to seek out  and learn from many contemporary, internationally-known Master Teachers. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Svoboda, Swami Shankardev Saraswati, and Shiva Rea. I am a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and received Certification from California College of Ayurveda. My specialty is assessing your current state of doshic imbalance, and helping you make small, easy to manage adjustments in lifestyle to make very positive shifts in physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Everyone is special. We all have different needs, wants and desires. All the wonderful elements that make you the dynamic person you are today are taken into consideration in helping you harmonize all areas of your life in order to become the best, happiest and most fulfilled you have ever been in your life!

Together, we develop an easy to follow plan that will include Ayurvedic wellness principles such as food, daily and seasonal routine, pranayama - yogic breathing; best physical exercise which may include yoga; perhaps herbal teas, jams and such, and universal wellness principles that make common sense. Whether I'm helping you one-on-one, teaching a group class, working with those affected by compromised health, leading a seminar on Ayurveda and balanced lifestyle choices, or facilitating pranayama, yoga and meditation, my focus is the same: 
helping you look better, feel better, and live better.
When I am not working with clients, writing or teaching, I enjoy my two college-age children and Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix puppy,  cultivate medicinal Ayurvedic plants, grow southwest herbs and create my own essential oils and medicines, create wood fired ceramics, travel, cook, sew, and simply breathe! 

Thanks for being here! I'm looking forward to helping you look and feel vibrantly healthy, happy and eternally radiant!


Meet Melinda South… Nurse. Gifted Healer. Angel. Panchakarma Therapist


Melinda believes in the healing power of touch. She provides nurturing, compassionate and deeply healing Ayurvedic Treatments. Her passion in life is helping people on their healing journey. Melinda has been a Licensed Massage therapist for the past 10 years and has over 15 years experience as a Nursing assistant in Oncology and Hospice. She has studied as an esthetician, reiki practitioner, and Thai yoga stretch massage. Melinda brings her love of Ayurveda and mastery Ayurvedic therapies to help clients balance and heal all aspects of their lives. She is a truly gifted healer. Ayurvedic treatments with Melinda will leave you feeling truly pampered and blissful.

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